Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter 2

when the girls finished shopping, the went to their flat
To rest. let me describe the girls
Shoug: she is the prettiest of all, she has blonde hair and
Green eyes because her mom is british, she is skinny like a supermodel and tall..
Shayma: she has the persian beauty, and she is short and she is not fat or thin lets just say fit.
Shereen: she is shayma's sister, but she doesnt look like her. she is tall and thin and she has brown hair and dark brown eyes.
Rayana: her beauty is normal, but every man in this world wants her. she is so attractive, she has grey eyes and black hair.

the girls flat:

shoug: '' khala9 baskom ra7a entow yayeen 7ag t6l3oun wela kila tag3doun''
rayana: ''entayy shfeech kila et7eneen khaleena nerta7''  i said this lana shoug wayed t8hr kila taby t6l3.
shereen: ''goomaw kafkhaw b3th b3d, shoug n6ray ben6l3 at dinner''
shoug: ''ufff 7ta entay shoosh matbeen et6l3en!'' we call shereen shoosh..
so they decided to go out for dinner.

at the guy's flat they met recently at starbucks:
khalid: ''shabab cheftw elbanat eli kanaw fi starbucks, wayed 7elween kh9o9an um 3youn kh9'r''.
feras: ''eeeh wallah shaklhom 3arab bs thy shaklha bre6anya''
wesam: ''la hay 3arabeya sm3t'ha tetkalam''
bader: ''9j ma3endkom salfa hamkom elbanat'' hay bader kilish ma3enda

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chapter 1

Hello guys, i'm new here. 
So enjooy xx

i woke up the next day finding my self sleeping in a fancy bedroom, then oh i remembered that just yesterday me and my friends got to italy-florence.
kent wayed mestansa ow excited i jumped off the bed and went to my girl's room, awal shay re7t 7ag shayoom i opened the door eb dfasha lol. and i was shouting 'wakee up shayma' seriously it felt like i was talking to my self so i decided to throw a pillow on her! and finally the sleeping beauty is awake.
6l3t bara 3'rftha w chan achouf elkil gaym w 3afsa fil flat beacause they were getting ready.
so now let me introduce you to us, my name is shoug, i'm 18 years old im here with my friends, shayma, rayana and shereen. we are here to study at the uni, its our first year, eljam3a tbtdy sbou3 elyay bs e7na yena min ams 3ashan net3awd 3al aw9'a3.

me : yallah jahzaw roo7kom bsr3a 7ag n6l3. im so excited
shereen : w ana b3d a7s roo7y ba6eer finally 7reya.

so we got ready w 6l3na for breakfast, we went to starbucks.
dashena starbucks w g3dna. shayma : choofw thaila eli ga3deen mnak shaklhum 3arab!
rayana : omg theyre so hot
el9bayan manlw 3ainhom mnhom lana ashkalhom ybayen khalejeyen.
6lbw lhum elbanat w g3dw yakloun ba3dain ra7aw shopping.

thats it for now, hope you like it! let me know what do you think about it xx
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