Friday, February 15, 2013

Chapter 2

when the girls finished shopping, the went to their flat
To rest. let me describe the girls
Shoug: she is the prettiest of all, she has blonde hair and
Green eyes because her mom is british, she is skinny like a supermodel and tall..
Shayma: she has the persian beauty, and she is short and she is not fat or thin lets just say fit.
Shereen: she is shayma's sister, but she doesnt look like her. she is tall and thin and she has brown hair and dark brown eyes.
Rayana: her beauty is normal, but every man in this world wants her. she is so attractive, she has grey eyes and black hair.

the girls flat:

shoug: '' khala9 baskom ra7a entow yayeen 7ag t6l3oun wela kila tag3doun''
rayana: ''entayy shfeech kila et7eneen khaleena nerta7''  i said this lana shoug wayed t8hr kila taby t6l3.
shereen: ''goomaw kafkhaw b3th b3d, shoug n6ray ben6l3 at dinner''
shoug: ''ufff 7ta entay shoosh matbeen et6l3en!'' we call shereen shoosh..
so they decided to go out for dinner.

at the guy's flat they met recently at starbucks:
khalid: ''shabab cheftw elbanat eli kanaw fi starbucks, wayed 7elween kh9o9an um 3youn kh9'r''.
feras: ''eeeh wallah shaklhom 3arab bs thy shaklha bre6anya''
wesam: ''la hay 3arabeya sm3t'ha tetkalam''
bader: ''9j ma3endkom salfa hamkom elbanat'' hay bader kilish ma3enda

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